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UPDATE: Fleshlight has developed and released a Sleeve Warmer!

One of the best things you can do with the Fleshlight to take it to the next level of pleasure is make it warm. The commonly accepted way to do this is by soaking the Fleshlight sleeve in hot water for about 5 minutes, or like I used to do, just run hot water through it for about 30 seconds. This works great, for a minute or two... The problem is that the heat quickly dissipates after a couple minutes and you can really feel the lack of heat on your dick.

To get a nice, non-stop warm feeling on your dick, which makes it feel really good and is WAY better than room temperature, there needs to be continuous heat applied to the Fleshlight sleeve. The best way I have found to do this is to simply wrap the Fleshlight sleeve in a heating blanket. Here is the one I have used. That's really all you need to know.

Now, I will explain further some of the aspects of this Fleshlight heating method. First of all, you need a good heating blanket that can get quite hot. A mere heating pad that only gets warm will not suffice. Once you have the right heating blanket, it needs to be folded lengthwise until it is about 1 foot wide and 8 feet long, or however long the blanket actually is. Now just roll the Fleshlight sleeve up in it starting at the edge, but not too tight, then tie string around the heating blanket to hold it together.

It works best if you use the Fleshlight sleeve backwards, entering your dick at the opposite end instead of the traditional entrance. The Fleshlight sleeve is much thinner on that side and heat will get to it better and faster. Try to put the heating elements in the blanket right next to the Fleshlight sleeve.

Also, I like to fold an extra layer half-way down before I put the Fleshlight sleeve in and roll it up, so that the Fleshlight sleeve can be easily removed and reinserted without having to take the whole thing apart every time. This is tricky to explain in words so just watch the video on the left which shows the whole process.

Once the Fleshlight sleeve is rolled up in the heating blanket, turn on the heating blanket, I usually go for the highest setting or close to it. It will take a few minutes to warm up the Fleshlight sleeve, but will be worth the wait. Squeeze or compress the heating blanket so the heat gets to the Fleshlight better. Be careful it does not get so hot it can burn you. If you let it get super hot and leave it alone for a long time it can possibly even melt or warp the Fleshlight sleeve. This is not a problem if you aren't absent-minded.

Personally, I like to get it as hot as possible without it actually burning my dick, it feels really good! If it starts to feel too hot just turn down the heat setting on the heating blanket. All of this is common sense in practice.

A nice trick is too wedge some vibro bullets in the heating blanket next to the Fleshlight sleeve to make it vibrate, which feels even better!

The basic instructions go like this:
1. Get a good heating blanket and fold it lengthwise.
2. Place the Fleshlight sleeve at the edge, using the reverse end for the penis entrance.
3. Try to ensure the heating elements in the heating blanket are next to the Fleshlight sleeve.
4. Roll the Fleshlight sleeve up in the heating blanket, leaving some of the Fleshlight sleeve entrance sticking out.
5. Tie some string around the rolled-up heating blanket to hold it together.
6. Turn on the heating blanket to "high" and let it sit for a couple minutes, or you can use it immediately and you will feel the heat coming in shortly.

Alternative methods to heating the Fleshlight include:
  • NEW Official Fleshlight Sleeve Warmer
  • Soaking Fleshlight sleeve in warm/hot water for 5-15 minutes
  • Running HOT water through inside of Fleshlight sleeve for 30-60 seconds
  • Wrapping Fleshlight sleeve in heating pad, hand warmers, heating elements, etc.
  • Using a humidifier or steamer type device to "steam" the inside of the sleeve to warm.

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Comments (7)

Wow, love this mod. It certainly is something that Fleshlight should have done on a professional level. Nothing feels better than a warm fleshlight, try it, there's no way back now!
26th May 2013 4:16pm
would putting the blanket around the actual case do anything? I want to warm it up and use the super sucking mod =/
22nd August 2013 10:36am
No, wrapping the heating blanket around the plastic case would be pointless, but you can still create some suction by closing the end of the Fleshlight sleeve, say with a rubberband or a condom, and pulling/stretching the end a lot can also create a nice sucking.
31st December 2014 8:01am
I didn't know you could warm them up! Thats awesome!
27th September 2013 11:37am
I've been doing this for years. Sex with a cold Fleshlight is like sex with the dead. I took a heating pad, folded it, and wrapped it with duct tape. I have it on a timer so it's ready when I am. Laying on my back, I add Astroglide to the back hole with some water and let it run down to make it awesome!
23rd June 2014 10:58pm
pron king
you can also just heat your lube to start, I like the idea of adding it from the back though
5th December 2014 1:19am
Wouldn't a reptile heating pad work as well? They get pretty hot and are very compact. Perhaps using glue or epoxy, you could affix the heating pad to the interior case. Or maybe even use just the inner heating element as long as it's well insulated (dont want a cock-shocker lol) Cool


19th February 2015 3:15pm

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