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How to turn any Fleshlight into a penis vibrator

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Want to feel them good vibrations? On your dick?

There is a special Fleshlight made specifically for vibrating called the "vibro" which has a unique texture and pockets on the side to place vibro bullets in. But if you don't want to get that or you want to make ANY Fleshlight sleeve vibrate, here is a good method.

The idea is to replicate the vibro design and add pockets to the side of any Fleshlight sleeve which you can put vibro bullets in to get that extra vibrating pleasure on your dick.

Fortunately, all Fleshlight sleeves have flaps on the side which can be folded together to form a perfect pocket to place your vibro bullets in. I have used super glue to connect them, but other methods may be possible such as tape, staples, stitching, etc.

Super glue runs along Fleshlight sleeve flap

super glue on Fleshlight sleeve to make vibrate

You will notice on your Fleshlight sleeve eight "flaps" on the side near the entrance. Just connect two of them together at their edges and you have a place to stick a vibro bullet.

You can make a total of four pockets and so use four vibro bullets. When you do this you will notice a seriously intense vibrating sensation on your penis which is quite pleasurable. The more vibro bullets you use, the more intense and pleasurable the effect.

Vibro bullet placed in glued-together Fleshlight flaps

vibro bullet in Fleshlight to make vibrate

Make sure the glue, or whatever attachment, stays towards the edge, otherwise the pocket will be too small for a good vibro bullet fit. Stitching may also be an effective method of attaching the flaps together.

If you don't have any vibro bullets grab them here.

The basic instructions go like this:
1. Put a thin line of super glue along the inside edge of a Fleshlight sleeve flap.
2. Attach it to an adjacent flap in a "mirroring" manner.
3. Hold it for at least a minute for the glue to dry, and leave it alone for an hour for it to completely set.
4. Carefully place the vibro bullets in the pockets and enjoy!

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