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There may come a time when you want that Fleshlight to be tight, super tight. You're gonna need to squeeze that Fleshlight sleeve in one way or another, and there are several ways to do this.

There are many ways to squeeze the Fleshlight and make it feel like a tight virgin pussy, and I will outline several of them, but there is one method that stands above the rest. That is to use a bicycle tire tube!

Bicycle tire tubes are great because they are made of a semi-flexible rubber that expands enough to accommodate your rock hard dick but still keeps a firm grip to squeeze it tightly. When you put the tire tube around the Fleshlight sleeve it will make it feel like a perfect tight pussy that expands just barely enough!

Bicycle tire tube on Fleshlight feels so good and tight!

bicycle tire tube on Fleshlight feels so good and tight

Getting the right size bicycle tire tube is essential. Too small or too big and it won't work. Bicycle tire tubes comes in sizes measured by their width. The perfect dimension is going to be around 3 inches, give or take. This is a difficult size to find because it is larger than normal, but where there's a will there's a way...

Finding the right size bicycle tire tube can be tricky, even online. But I believe this Surly Light Tube should work. It is rated at "3-4 inches", which is probably on the large end of the spectrum for this Fleshlight tightening technique. The tire tube shown in the picture above is rated at "2.5-2.8 inches" and is super-tight! Another tube that might work is this one. Anyways, just try a few sizes until you find the right one.

It does not matter what length the tube is, only the width is important. You can ask your local bike shop to order it for you and it should be no problem. Just tell them you have a Mongoose Beast bicycle with Surly fat tires.

Once you have the right size bicycle tire tube, simply cut a piece off a few inches long. You can make it as long as your dick or it can also be nice to make it smaller so your penis head pops out the other end and going in and out feels good. After you cut your piece, you should rinse it out with water because there tends to be some kind of powder inside.

Getting the Fleshlight sleeve into the tire tube can be tricky, an easy way to do it is to tie string on the end of the Fleshlight sleeve and then send the string through the tube and pull the Fleshlight through. Be careful, if the string is too thin or tied too tight it might could tear the Fleshlight sleeve.

String pulls Fleshlight through bicycle tire tube

string pulls Fleshlight through tight bicycle tire tube

The Fleshlight sleeve has large flaps near the entrance which can make it difficult to get the tire tube up there, cutting the flaps off of the Fleshlight will make it fit.

Cut flaps on Fleshlight sleeve

cut flaps on Fleshlight sleeve for tightness

Or you can always enter the reverse end of the Fleshlight sleeve and thus get the tire tube tightness all the way down to the hilt of your dick.

One method that works well is to use the reverse entrance, and pull some of the Fleshlight sleeve out the back of the case and wrap it around it, then secure it with a rubber band and enter your dick through there. You can put the big cap on the front of the case to achieve some suction.

Fleshlight sleeve wrapped around reverse entrance of case

tight Fleshlight wrapped around case reverse entrance

Another great method to tighten the Fleshlight is to wrap a small wash cloth around the Fleshlight sleeve and then put it in the Fleshlight case. The wash cloth will prevent the Fleshlight sleeve from expanding as much in the case when you enter your dick into it. This can also be used in conjunction with the bicycle tire tube for even more satisfaction.

Double over the wash cloth towards the entrance where the Fleshlight case is wider. Wrapping rubber bands around the wash cloth is optional and can help tighten it even more, and help spread out and soften the tightness that using rubber bands alone applies. Entering the reverse end of the Fleshlight will be even tighter than the front end!

Wrap wash cloth around Fleshlight sleeve and insert into case

wash cloth wrapped around Fleshlight makes it feel tight

Another, somewhat effective method for tightening the Fleshlight is to wrap rubber bands around the Fleshlight sleeve. Other alternatives are to squeeze the Fleshlight between two pillows or in your hand, but the Fleshlight sleeve must be out of the case for this to be possible, which removes any potential sucking effect.

With rubber bands you can make the Fleshlight feel super tight and adjust how tight you want it and where the tightness is by using rubber bands of various sizes in various locations along the Fleshlight sleeve. You will also be able to put the Fleshlight sleeve in the case to achieve that awesome sucking effect on your dick while still keeping a tight squeeze.

Try putting some rubber bands around the entrance of the Fleshlight sleeve only, or spaced throughout the entire Fleshlight sleeve, the possibilities are endless!

Rubber band makes Fleshlight feel tight

rubber band on Fleshlight to make tight

Grab a pack of rubber bands that has several different sizes, and thick/wide rubber bands are best. Simply wrap it around the Fleshlight sleeve where you want it tight.

One problem you may encounter is when you are ramming your hard dick into the Fleshlight sleeve and it hits the part where the tight rubber band is, your dick may push the rubber band up the Fleshlight over time or in one thrust. To mediate this, try cutting a small space in the flaps that run alongside the entire Fleshlight sleeve, creating a nook for the rubber band to sit in. Be careful not to cut a hole into the interior of the Fleshlight sleeve.

There are other "rubber band" type items that exist and you may want to check your local hardware superstore for ideas.

Another method is to put a cardboard tube such as that from a toilet paper roll or paper towel roll, etc. over the Fleshlight sleeve. This will be very tight and will not expand at all upon entry, so finding the right size is key. There are varying sizes of these cardboard rolls in different products, and your local arts & crafts store may carry a large array of them for "crafts" purposes.

Cardboard roll makes Fleshlight feel super tight

cardboard toilet paper roll on Fleshlight to make tight

You will not be able to get the cardboard roll to cover the fat entrance side of the Fleshlight sleeve and so will not get the tightness all the way down to the hilt of your shaft, but you can enter the reverse side of any Fleshlight sleeve and this works especially well for this purpose as you can then get that super-tightness all the way down to the hilt of your dick.

Pull the reverse entrance of the Fleshlight sleeve through the cardboard roll and wrap a little excess around the cardboard roll and secure it with a rubber band.

Wrap Fleshlight sleeve around cardboard roll and enter

tight Fleshlight wrapped around cardboard roll

Once again, the easiest way to get the cardboard roll onto the Fleshlight is by tying a string onto the end of the Fleshlight sleeve and pulling it through the cardboard roll. Be careful, if the string is too thin or tied too tight, it may possibly tear through the Fleshlight sleeve.

Another method is to put the end of the Fleshlight sleeve in something like a tall shot glass or very thin vase and then slide the tight item over that and onto the Fleshlight, using lube if needed.

You can also try strategically wrapping duct tape around the Fleshlight sleeve to make it permanently tight, but this can be tricky getting the right tightness.

In conclusion, using the right size bicycle tire tube works the best for achieving a good, satisfying tightness with the Fleshlight. But other methods are worth trying at least once, and there may be yet undiscovered techniques to squeeze that Fleshlight on your dick. As always, ingenuity and experimentation is the key!

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Comments (13)

yo son that shit is TAIGHT!!
21st April 2013 7:40pm
ice man
i cant fit my dick in a tube it definitely wont fit in the sleeve in the tube lol.
11th October 2013 2:01am
Good ideas. Though for someone like me who cant fit their dick in the reverse side of the case or paper tube. I found putting about 80 elastics in the grove where the ring fits in is about the best way to go. Though over a short bit of time it always rips right through and I end up buying a new one..
7th November 2013 3:07pm
Super simple but very effective. Great stuff!
23rd November 2013 7:05am
Couldnt fit my dick through a toilet roll tube so I cut down the side then put it over and added a few elastic bands. Works like the washcloth method but more uniform.
6th May 2014 10:04pm
getting ready to try that setup now
22nd March 2017 9:39am
Eight Inch Tool
Great ideas! Thanks for sharing them I look forward to trying them out.
Also, I'd love to butt fuck the random hot girl posted down belowWink
27th September 2014 1:02pm
ben dover
love the inner tube idea, but if you have difficulty getting it onto the FL then adding a little water based lube on the inside of the bicycle tube will make things easier. Grin
22nd October 2014 6:53am
Stroker ace
I just stuff 2 to 4 latex gloves behind the insert. Quick, cheap, disposable, fast, safe, waterproof.
5th November 2014 10:55am
im am getting addicted to wanking with my fl with all these tips
31st December 2015 10:10am
pussy hack has too many evil redirects to be allowed past uBlock Origin (adblocking)
2nd February 2017 10:09pm
how tiny is your dick that you can fit it in any of these?

unless you're 12?

2nd February 2017 10:12pm
Malachi McCoy
Tighter than my virgin girlfriend!!!
3rd September 2017 8:44pm

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