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Getting your dick sucked is always nice. Getting it sucked by a hardcore vacuum machine is mind blowing.

With this Fleshlight mod we are going to get some serious sucking action comparable to a pure vacuum, scientifically speaking.

The Fleshlight case is already designed to provide some suction on the out-stroke, but it leaks a lot of air and is far from ideal. We need to modify it so that virtually no air escapes, which will make your dick feel like it is really getting sucked by something special.

Previously, I used a mason jar as a Fleshlight case to create a perfect vacuum effect, which you can see here. However, this is not ideal because a) the jar is glass, b) there is no easy release function, and c) it can be troublesome to operate. But it will damn sure suck your dick hard if you do it right.

Anyways, I have designed a new and improved prototype dick sucking Fleshlight case...

This mod requires a simple Fleshlight case which you can get here if you don't already have one, or want a second one to do modifications to. We need to make three simple adjustments to the case to turn it into a pro dick sucker like a high-class hooker.

Step One:
First of all, a lot of air flows through the place where the cap screws onto the top of the Fleshlight case. Even if the cap is screwed on super-tight, it still leaks a lot because it is simply hard plastic and not capable of sealing. We need to add an "o-ring" to this section.

I have found that using a simple bicycle tire tube works great as the rubber o-ring. Just cut a piece about an inch long out of a bike tube with a diameter of about 2", like that from a mountain bike, and wrap it around the top of the Fleshlight case.

Keep it off the threads and it is probably a good idea to cover the holes on the side that the new Fleshlight cases have. The important thing it to cover the lip where the cap meets the case.

Bicycle tube o-ring seals cap on Fleshlight case

bicycle tube o-ring on Fleshlight case

Screw the cap on tight and the rubber should completely seal the once very leaky spot. There are other ways you could seal this area and various types of rubbery material that could act like an o-ring, you could even wrap duct-tape around it if you want.

Step Two:
The next step is to create a one-way air flow valve on the top of the cap so that when you thrust your hard dick into the Fleshlight case the air escapes, but when you back stroke it seals itself and prevents air from returning, causing a hardcore penis sucking effect.

I have designed a very simple method that does not require special tools or gadgets and almost anyone can do. All you need is some strong tape, duct-tape or gorilla tape is recommended, and a flat rubbery type material that is capable of sealing a hole.

We are going to drill a small hole in the top of the Fleshlight case cap, then sand off any burs making it flat and smooth. You can use a drill or I simply used a very small flathead screwdriver and twisted it in with my hand.

Drill a small hole in Fleshlight cap

hole drilled in Fleshlight case cap

Next we need a small piece of some rubbery material, I have used a latex glove and cut out a square about 1 inch x 1 inch. Then take a piece of strong tape (gorilla tape is best) and place the rubber square on the edge of the tape. The tape with the rubber square will be placed directly over the hole in the Fleshlight cap.

One-way air valve made of duct tape and latex glove

one way air valve made of duct tape and latex glove

I have found that bigger pieces of latex work better than smaller ones because the duct-tape is quite rigid and can prevent a small rubber piece from maneuvering enough to seal the hole. Also, running the tape over the edges and down the sides of the Fleshlight cap helps hold it in place.

The principle behind this one-way air valve is that when air is forced out of the case it can freely escape by blowing the rubber piece out of the way, but when air tries to suck back into the Fleshlight case it will pull down the rubber piece onto the hole and seal itself.

This works great because if any air happens to leak into the case while you're grinding your dick in it, the vacuum will reset itself with every inward thrust.

One-way air valve covers hole in Fleshlight cap

one way air valve on Fleshlight case cap

Step Three:
Your Fleshlight case will now suck hardcore, but the problem is that the mouth of the Fleshlight case is too large and when it begins to suck it will either leak air or pull the Fleshlight sleeve into the case. The ring that hold the Fleshlight sleeve in place is too wide, so we need to make it narrower.

Basically, all you need to do is create a ring with a smaller hole in the middle, and there are a lot of ways to do this. Ideally, you will be able to find a thick piece of plastic at a hardware store and use tools to cut out what you need, but this is not realistic for most people.

I have tried using a sturdy cardboard and it worked to some degree, but still leaked a little bit. However, there is a method I have discovered that works very well and is easy for anyone to do.

Attempted cardboard ring in Fleshlight case

cardboard ring in Fleshlight case

There is a better method and all you need is some kind of plastic, even flimsy plastic from a tupperware container is what I used.

The ring that originally comes in the Fleshlight case can be popped out by pulling on it. Trace it on a piece of plastic and cut out the circle. Draw a smaller circle in the middle about 1 3/4 to 2 inches wide. I simply traced the top of the Fleshlight case without the cap and cut slightly inside the line to get a nice sized inner circle.

Narrow plastic ring cut from Tupperware

narrow plastic ring for Fleshlight case

Be careful when cutting plastic, especially with a knife, it can be very resistant one second and then slide through like butter the next second and you can easily cut yourself. Personally I used scissors, and cutting the inside circle can be tricky that way.

When you get your piece you will use it in conjunction with the original ring in the Fleshlight case. Put the new plastic ring on the INSIDE of the case. It will not work well if placed on the outside. It is easiest to put the rings on the Fleshlight sleeve first and then put it in the case and pop the rings in.

New narrow ring goes INSIDE original Fleshlight ring

narrow plastic ring inside Fleshlight case

You're all done!

This may seem like a lot of modifications to have to make to the Fleshlight case, but you only have to do it once and she will always be ready to suck your dick like a desperate groupie.

Now lube that baby up and take her for a spin. If done properly, you will notice she sucks harder than a Thai whore.

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Comments (9)

I used a pcv valve from autozone in the cap works greak and cost less than $2
24th May 2014 4:32am
Mike C
Used 3M electric tape to make cap seal and one-way valve and the clear plastic top of a discarded Swiffer container to make the smaller ring. All three mods took about 20 minutes. Used scissors to cut ring and electrical tape. Took some trimming and fitting of the ring but once everything was complete I gave it a whirl and damn... Worked like a pair of Thai hookers taking turns working me over..
21st August 2015 1:14am
Mike C
Update: I noticed that the plastic ring I made was cutting into the sleeve so I trimmed the inner part of the ring opening it up a little then wrapped the inside and outside edge with the same 3M electrical tape and reassembled the unit. Works even better now with no air leaks!!
25th September 2015 2:38pm
Great ideas!
I've used a waterbed air burper as the 1 way valve (Blue Magic Super Burper). They can be hard to find sometimes, but work pretty well after using JB Weld to glue it in a hole made in the end cap. Easy to flush clean too.

I'll have to try sealing the front.

7th April 2016 10:53pm
The easiest way without modifying the original case is to use those thick rubber bands (forgot the size but I bought them from Staples) and line the rubber band around the gap where the cap is. This allows air to release when you insert and seals when you pull out. Kinda like the reed effect. The suction is pretty good.
21st April 2016 9:03am
Fold a normal sized paper towel into quarters and wrap it around the structure bars on the outside of the sleeve. It will go about half way around. Do the same for the other side. Now shove the sleeve with both rings (original and modified part made in the video here) into the casing. You may have to stuff the paper towel down in there. I find this makes the suction stronger, but more importantly, it keeps the modified ring in place so you can really go to town.
19th June 2016 6:01pm
You can buy thread sealing tape, place some around the end cap and some around the entrance ring (outside edge). place ring back into place and end cap on. better air seals.
1st August 2016 10:01am
Use gaffers tape around the suction end...works great
8th January 2017 12:07am
try drilling a 8 - 10mm hole in the end cap, then seal the cap on with elect tape. you now have suction you can control with one finger, trust me, its awesome!!! you can also pop the tube on one of the squeezy pumps from a cock enlarger into the hole and really pump up the suction. rest the case on a smooth surface, pop the tip of your cock in, the pump away and watch the fleshlight suck its wat down your shaft, right to the balls! I also give myself 5 mins of max suction at the start of every flight, and along with my bathmate, I have gained over an inch in length, amd a good half inch in circ over the last 2 years.
1st February 2017 7:21am

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