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The Fleshlight comes with a case which provides some suction. But if you want to take it to the next level and make it feel like a hot babe is really sucking on your dick with all her might, you need to create an air-tight vacuum.

The best way I have found to do this is to use a solid container such as a mason jar, and put your Fleshlight sleeve in that. It needs to be the right dimensions, if the mouth of the container is too narrow or too wide it will not work. Too narrow and you won't be able to enter. Too wide and air will leak, or the Fleshlight sleeve will pull into the container when the sucking begins.

The right dimension I have found is about 2 - 2.5 inches diameter mouth of the container. Also, it obviously needs to be deep enough to accommodate your rock-hard penis. A simple 2 pint mason jar will usually do the trick. If it is a flimsy plastic then it will probably collapse when a vacuum is formed and will not suck on your dick very hard.

The air needs to escape from the container when you slide your erection into the Fleshlight. The best tool for this is a hollow pen tube, easily obtained by taking apart a basic bic pen. Stick the hollow tube in the side between the Fleshlight sleeve and the container, then enter your rock hard dick all the way in, the air in the container will escape through the hollow tube. After your dick is inside, remove the hollow tube, creating a seal around the mouth of the container with the Fleshlight sleeve.

Sucking Fleshlight in mason jar with hollow tube

Fleshlight in mason jar for penis sucking

Now your dick is essentially "stuck" inside. Move it around slowly, the more you pull outward the more vacuum will result and more sucking. Don't pull all the way out or you will have to start the process all over. If you want to pull your dick out but the suction seems too much, just stick your finger or the air tube in the side and this will release the vacuum.

Alternatively, you can get some hardcore pressure on your dick if you enter the Fleshlight without allowing the air to escape, this is the opposite of sucking and can feel good as well.

This works especially well with the "swallow" texture.

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The basic instructions go like this:
1. Put the Fleshlight sleeve in the container, and make sure a good seal forms at the mouth of the container.
2. Lube up the Fleshlight sleeve.
3. Put the air tube between the Fleshlight sleeve and the container.
4. Slide your rock hard dick all the way into the Fleshlight. (The deeper you go, the more vacuum and suction that will result)
5. Remove the air tube that allowed the air in the container to escape when you slid your hard cock into the Fleshlight Sleeve.
6. Now your dick is ready to be sucked on. Carefully and slowly slide it in and out of the Fleshlight vacuum, as it were, noticing the sucking effect on your penis.

Disclaimer: This can possibly be dangerous with the pressures & suctions involved. I cannot be held liable. Be careful & go slow. Use at your own risk!

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Hey man GREAT! Glad I stumbled on your site. Got two Fleshlights sitting around unused as didn't do much for me. Your MODS are exactly what I've been wondering how to do.

Been to PussyHack.com and looks like it's been taken over by Fleshlight. Looking for more info and some vids demoing how to use the mods.

Great site. Keep 'em cumin!

15th September 2013 8:09am

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