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How to do spinning masturbation with a Fleshlight and a drill

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"Spinning" masturbation can be quite fun. This usually requires a device to do the spinning, such as a drill, fan, or some other spinning motor. But what is the best spinning device? And what is the easiest, simplest, cheapest and most effective way to attach it to the Fleshlight?

I have tried several different methods to get some good spinning action with a Fleshlight, and here is what I have found to work best. This method is practical for anyone with a Fleshlight and a drill, you don't need to perform complicated or expensive mechanic work to get the Fleshlight to spin nicely.

First of all, the easiest and most effective spinning device has been a simple power drill. It is highly recommended to use one with a wide range of speed, which spins very slowly when the trigger is barely pulled, and incrementally increases in speed as the trigger is slowly pulled more. Some drills only have an on/off type spinning action that can only go fast. It is best to have a wide range of speed options. In my experience, a good Dewalt or Ryobi brand power drill usually works well.

Once you have the drill, the question is how to best attach it to the Fleshlight case? There are essentially infinite ways to do this, but here is what I have found to be simple, inexpensive, and effective.

I simply use hard metal wire, obtained from a good clothes hanger, and stick it through the top of the Fleshlight case and out the side, through small holes I have drilled in the Fleshlight case. The drill can be easily mounted on the top of the metal wire like a normal drill-bit.

The wire goes through the center of the Fleshlight screw-cap, and turns at a 90 degree angle shortly after entering the Fleshlight case, and sticks out the side of the Fleshlight case.

This "through the top and out the side" method ensures the spinning attachment will not slip or break in use. Plus, this "contraption" is easily disassembled and the Fleshlight case is good as new if you just put some tape over the small holes you have drilled for the wire to pass through.

Simply grab a good metal clothes hanger and cut a piece off about 5 inches long. Bend it at a 90 degree angle.

Metal wire from clothes hanger bent at 90 degrees

metal wire rod from clothes hanger for spinning Fleshlight

Drill small holes just barely big enough for the wire to pass through in two places on the Fleshlight case: one hole in the center of the Fleshlight case screw cap, and another hole on the side of the actual Fleshlight case about 1-2 inches from the top.

Try to make the hole in the Fleshlight case screw cap as close to the exact center as possible, it will spin more smoothly this way. Finding the center of a circle can be tricky, there are youtube videos that show how.

Also, if the hole on the side of the Fleshlight case is too low, it might be difficult to pass the metal wire through it and out the top. If the holes are a nice tight fit for the wire, it will still allow suction in the Fleshlight.

If you are hesitant to drill holes in your only Fleshlight case, grab another one here.

Small hole centered in Fleshlight cap

hole in Fleshlight cap for spinning masturbation

Now stick the hard metal wire that is bent at a 90 degree angle through the two holes so it sticks straight out the top of the Fleshlight case. It's usually easiest to send the wire through the side hole first and then through the screw cap.

If the metal wire is too long, it may be difficult to get it through the side hole without it running into the opposite side of the Fleshlight case.

Metal wire rod in Fleshlight case

metal wire in Fleshlight case for spinning masturbation

Once you have the metal wire in place, bend the excess wire coming out the side and cut any unneeded length off of it, common sense really.

Now there should be a straight hard metal wire sticking out the center of the top of the Fleshlight case, you only need about one inch protruding, attach the power drill to it like you would a normal drill-bit and enjoy!

Start slow with the spinning, super fast spinning can be quite intense and cause a lot of friction, so be generous with the lube!

Final result: Drill is securely attached to Fleshlight case

drill attached to Fleshlight for spinning masturbation

If you are hesitant to drill holes in your only Fleshlight case, grab another one here.

Alternatively, you can try this spinning Fleshlight masturbation technique with a common tennis ball case from your local sports store. Believe it or not, these containers which come with 3 tennis balls in them are essentially perfect for use with the Fleshlight; the Fleshlight sleeve fits in perfectly!

Simply repeat the above instructions with the empty tennis ball case for spinning masturbation action. These tennis ball cases are even good with the Fleshlight for just normal use, and can be squeezed to apply pressure or suction and is a good throw-away Fleshlight case alternative, plus they are completely clear so you can see what's going on inside when rubbing your hard dick in the Fleshlight sleeve.

Fleshlight sleeve fits in tennis ball case perfectly

Fleshlight sleeve in tennis ball case

The basic instructions go like this:
1. Obtain a power drill, Fleshlight case, and metal hanger.
2. Drill a small hole in the center of the Fleshlight case screw-cap.
3. Drill another small hole in the side of the Fleshlight case, about 1-2 inches from the top.
4. Cut a straight piece of metal wire from the hanger about 5 inches long and bend it at a 90 degree angle.
5. Pass the metal wire through the two holes in the Fleshlight case, make sure it is secured.
6. Attach the drill to the top metal wire like a normal drill bit.
7. Let the spinning masturbation begin!

Disclaimer: This can possibly be dangerous. I cannot be held liable. Be careful & go slow. Use at your own risk!

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Comments (5)

I actually used a jig saw for a powerful masturbator. I duct-trapped a blade sufficiently do that there was NO potential for any harm. I then made various sleeves using pvc tubes lined with soft materials. I duct tape the pvc tube to the blade. I could control the speed. The up and down action and intense vibrations of the saw drove my cock crazy with pleasure. Unfortunately, I burned out the jigsaw. I am eager to try your method.
24th June 2013 4:05am
jigsaw? you mean a sawzall?

I have been considering how to make a practical, inexpensive "fucking machine" such as that, but noise, safety, and engineering are complicated obstacles to overcome in this matter.

31st December 2014 8:06am
ice man
that does not look safe lol.
11th October 2013 2:09am
Hey, I would love to try this, though I saw a guy in the ER with a twisted member was so disturbing surprised it didn't rip off
13th February 2015 5:00am
I love my cock way too much to attach it to a power drill or a reciprocations saw. My God, you would have to be crazy to do that. The only modification I would like is some way to squeeze down on the cock occasionally, like a woman with a really strong vagina, who does daily Kegel contractions. Maybe an inflatable rubber bulb in the case with the lining. But it does not work too well if the inflation is all on one side. Maybe it could be made from a blood pressure sleeve. But maybe this is not a DIY project. Are you listening, Fleshlight?
6th January 2017 1:27pm

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