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How to turn Mr. Limpy into an amazing Fleshlightesque masturbation sex toy

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The Fleshlight company also makes something called Mr. Limpy. It is made from the exact same material that Fleshlights are made of and it is in the shape of a limp penis, and comes in various sizes from small to huge.

Supposedly Mr. Limpy's purpose is just a gag or prank gift, as it is too limp and flimsy to be used as a dildo. But seeing that it is a completely solid piece of Fleshlight material, it looks like with a little modification it can be turned into something similar to a Fleshlight sleeve, and used for high-quality male masturbation!

The thought enters the mind, "What if I puncture a small hole through the middle of this thing? That would essentially be a super tight Fleshlight, since it's made of the same material. Boy, I bet my dick would really like that!"

It's true, using a narrow rod and poking it all the way through the middle of the Mr. Limpy creates a very tight and amazingly pleasurable hole to rub the dick inside of. If done correctly, this mod creates an awesome masturbation device that is comparable to some of the best Fleshlight textures.

Basically, all you have to do is get a sturdy wire, and carefully send it through the middle of the Mr. Limpy. As you can see, this creates a small hole that is very tempting. Not only is it super tight, but for some reason there is some texture that results from sending the wire through and it literally feels amazing!

Penetrate metal rod through back of Mr. Limpy

rod penetrating mr limpy

It may look a little gay, but looks are not what's important here. The important thing is that this is the same awesome material that Fleshlights are made of which feels great on the dick, and making a small textured hole inside of it feels amazing. That's all that matters.

This is a pretty easy mod, just take a wire or rod, a metal clothes hanger works well, and just slowly stab it through the middle of the Mr. Limpy shaft. Start at the indentation on the back of Mr. Limpy and run the wire all the way through and out the other side, where the dick hole would be if Mr. Limpy were a real dick.

The only tricky thing about this is getting the wire to go through the center all the way, it will want to veer off if not carefully controlled. Some mechanical devices may work well to get this wire through the exact middle, but it can also be done with only your hands.

Just send the rod through slowly and constantly check to see if the rod is still in the center. Constantly check the different angles of the rod relative to the Mr. Limpy, and squeeze Mr. Limpy in your hands so you can feel where exactly the rod is located inside of it.

The metal wire or rod needs to be sturdy so it will not bend when you are penetrating the Mr. Limpy, a metal clothes hanger works very well.

Metal clothes hanger inside middle of Mr. Limpy

metal wire inside middle of mr limpy

Once you get the rod through and removed it, there will be a small hole that you probably can't even see. Don't worry, the Fleshlight material is so stretchy that it will easily accommodate your dick, snugly.

First try sticking your finger in the entrance to stretch it out a little and get it ready for your hard dick. The hole might be small enough that your dick may not be able to find it and open it when you first try to ram it. Just spread it and get it around your dick and goddamn it feels amazing.

This hole is so tight it can be tricky to get lube inside, but where there's a will there's a way. Try pushing the lube in with your finger, or puddle it in the cavity at the entrance and then spread the hole open with your hands so the lube can drain down inside via gravity.

Once you get your hard dick inside this sweet hole, use your hand to maneuver it, almost like some old school hand jacking masturbation. Or another good trick is to wrap a towel around it or use one or two pillows, then wrapping some string or a belt around that will hold it in place.

Masturbation connoisseurs will immediately recognize this as a very promising prospect

tiny hole in mr limpy for penis masturbation

The self-made hole in Mr. Limpy can be stretched and made bigger if desired. Or using a different penetrating item, such as a thick rod, will work well.

Also, there may be ways to create your own special texture in it. Flipping Mr. Limpy inside-out after you have put a hole in it will give you easy access to implement your own texture on the inside. Things like small cuts with a knife, or rubbing with an abrasive item such as that illustrated in the "Fleshlight Texture Enhancement" mod are a few ideas. What originally was meant to be a simple gag toy, is actually a potential do-it-yourself Fleshlight canvas!

If you're gay, the look of the big dick on your dick may get you off, or... even if you're not gay.

If you try to rinse it out, water will not flow through it because the stretchy Fleshlight material will probably seal the hole. You can force water inside by wrapping the entrance of the Mr. Limpy on the water faucet, but this is a bad idea because the water will bubble up in the weakest spot of the tunnel and can expand and break through the Fleshlight material, forming a cavity and ruining the perfect hole.

The best way to clean it out is to just use your wet fingers and rub them through the hole a few times. The hole is so tight that any fluids inside will tend to automatically be forced out one of the exits. It's funny, ejaculate will come oozing out of the penis hole like it would a real dick, maybe an idea for a prank or special effects in a movie, or.. a haunted house?

Fortunately, Mr. Limpys are so cheap (10-$15) that replacing one or experimenting with a few is no big deal.

This Mr. Limpy modification can also be used with two people, having one person on the receiving end. Screw your wife while wearing the Mr. Limpy on your hard dick and it will give her more than she can handle!

The Mr. Limpy can also be a stealth masturbation toy. It is originally made as a kind of gag or prank gift, so if someone sees it you can say that your friend gave it to you as a joke for your birthday, hiding the fact that you like to rub your penis inside of it.

In conclusion, putting a hole through the middle of Mr. Limpy makes an awesome masturbation toy that feels very similar to an amazing Fleshlight sleeve. Try it!

Basic Instructions:
1. Grab a large Mr. Limpy
2. Grab a long, narrow rod (metal clothes hanger, etc.)
3. Slowly and carefully penetrate the rod through the center of the Mr. Limpy shaft.
4. Lube it up and cram your hard dick into the sweet new hole. Bazinga!

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