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There are more than 20 different Fleshlight textures, and all of them are good in one way or another. Some of them are very intense and feel amazing on your dick. But I have found a way to make them feel even better!

The Fleshlight sleeves consist of a relatively smooth silicone type material with added protruding shapes on the inside which rub your penis in strange ways to create different pleasurable effects. I have found that if you make that smooth surface a little bit rougher, it makes it feel more intense.

Basically, what you need to do is grab some scrubbing type item such as a dish scrub pad, scour pad, brillo pad, sand paper, bristle brush, etc. The plastic bristle brush pictured below has worked the best in my experience.

Bristle Brush and Scrub Pad for Texturizing Fleshlight

bristle brush for texturizing Fleshlight scrub pad for texturizing Fleshlight

The plastic bristle brush works very quickly and effectively, some of the lighter scrubbers will take longer and more effort to create a good textured effect on the Fleshlight. Different scrubbing items can create subtle differences in the resulting texture. You may want try a combination. Personally, I just rub the plastic bristle brush on it a little bit and I'm good to go.

Enhanced Fleshlight Texture

Fleshlight texture enhancement

This texture enhancement can be quite intense, especially when done to the degree in the image above. It is a good idea to start with a light texturizing first and see how it feels, then add more if you want. You can always add more texture but you cannot undo it. Some men may find this texture TOO intense, especially if done heavily. Personal preferences will dictate what you like.

You can try only texturing certain parts of the Fleshlight canal such as near the entrance or the deep end, or maybe only half a side of the entire length of the Fleshlight sleeve, so that it rubs the bottom of your dick but not the top. Because it can be intense, a good method is to texturize the entrance area so it rubs the penis shaft but not the head. Or do the whole thing for a very intense and enjoyable effect.

This technique, if done thoroughly, can possibly begin to grind away the original texture inside, so keep that in mind when you try this, as you may not want that to happen. In that case, it may be best to do a light texturizing on the Fleshlight just to add a little extra intensity.

This texture scrubbing technique works especially well with the original and "super tight" Fleshlight sleeves because they are just a completely smooth canal with no texture inside, and are not very intense. But if you texturize the material with a brush then it will make it feel amazing!

Due to the added texture, the Fleshlight may require extra lube.

Go ahead and try this on one of your Fleshlight sleeves. It may be best to experiment on one of your least favorite textures first. If you only have one Fleshlight then grab more here. Try the buy 2 get 1 free combo deal. Leave a comment about your results.

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Comments (10)

I can tell you are a true masturbator. I am devoted to masturbation as well and in fact I use a fleshlight as well as other sleeves all the time. I appreciate your exploration and development of ways to enhance the masturbatory experience. Thank you for your inspiration and contribution to the wonderful w world of masturbatory pleasure. How frequently and for how long do you masturbate?
23rd June 2013 3:56am
frequency varies, but always the longer the better! Shocked
31st December 2014 8:10am
dr. x
I used a zippo lighter and lit the sleeve. The sleeve was abviously inside out. With the lighter I just held the lighter close to the sleeve and held the lighter back every second or longer until you see the sleeve slowly rip. Its like burning plastic but common sense used to know how much you need to heat each parts lol
20th January 2015 4:23am
Tim Warner
Why did you melt it? Was this to change the texture? What did it feel like? Isa it worth doing? My current fleshlight is overused and need renovations to be effective. I may try your idea if you tell me more about it. Thanks!
20th January 2015 5:35am
Interesting... What were the results, a bunch of little slits? Sounds intense! Scared
20th January 2015 3:57pm
Before you go out and possibly wreck a $100 toy, try out stuff on something cheaper like a zolo. By the way, any tips on how to turn it inside out?
17th March 2015 7:30am
I get Fleshlight sleeves for about $33 in the 3-for-2 deal.

Flipping inside out you can be forceful, I have never torn one and they stretch several times their size. I take the orifice and fold it outward and then all the way down, like a sock.
17th March 2015 11:38am
i accidentally boiled the sleeve too long.. after cooling there were new bends in the tunnel

stu is best if you can't fit your boner in a toilet paper tube

apply testosterone gel to penis DURING puberty to get a longer thicker penis

27th November 2015 5:46am
Awesome advice ! I ordered several sleeves, including the Heavenly one - which was relatively dissapointing. The Vortex and STU are way better.Then I read your article on texturizing...tried it by inverting the Heavenly sleeve and actually used a brass wire brush on the surface, being careful not to get too deep. What a WORLD of difference !! Sooooo glad I didn't toss it out... it's my new fave !! I also love using the sleeve warmer, alternating with two fleshlights, warming one using the other, then switching. Oh and btw a thin mix of water and Dove soap makes for a pretty good lube too.
24th January 2016 6:46pm
Your texture enhancing procedure sounds interesting. I already own three different Fleshlights and I would really like to try what you described above, but I am also a bit afraid to damage and destroy the sleeve. Maybe it's a good idea to start at a certain spot of the sleeve, try it out and move on from there?
24th September 2016 10:48am

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